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Hey friends, do you love to read detective novels? Have you ever wanted to be in the role of the main character and unravel mysteries surrounding the crimes? June’s Journey - Hidden Object is the game for you! In this fun and addictive logical adventure detective simulation game you are helping June Parker to unveil a scandalous family secret. Escape to an era of opulence and romance as you search for hidden clues through hundreds of stunning mind-teasing puzzles! Story is divided in chapters, with each new chapter bringing you some new characters, riddles and new story tones like romance, mystery, danger. If you get tired of finding hundreds of hidden objects in the scenes, you can relax on your own luxurious island. Just like your favorite TV series, look forward to a new mystery in each new chapter, and a new chapter comes out every week. Every new chapter will make you sink deeper into the world of mystery and drama in thrilling story that takes you all over the world! Engage your sense of observation to find all hidden clues in the beautifully designed backgrounds for each chapter. While exploring the wonderful world of food business, you will hit the wall where you will either need to buy in-game diamonds with real money, or to get it with the help of our June’s Journey cheat tool!

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About June's Journey

June’s Journey - Hidden Object Game is an app produced and published by company Wooga and released for the iOS and Android platforms. The game was released in October 2017 both for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Wooga is already know for producing similar detective games like Pearl’s Peril and Agent Alice. The company is based in Berlin, Europe's creative heart and mecca for tech industry innovators. Wooga was founded in 2009 and now employs 270 people from more than 40 nations, who work together to develop top titles for a global audience. The studio's signature approach to game design emphasizes emotional character development, usability, and superb localization. Wooga's free-to-play games are enjoyed by around 50 million players per month. As the developers state in their official description, June’s Journey is a detective adventure where player is tasked with unraveling mysteries and discovering hidden objects so he can complete the puzzles and solve the crimes. If you don't want to spend money on this game, you can just use our tool to hack free diamonds in June’s Journey. If you want to know how to hack Junes Journey, check out on our website.

Gameplay from our Standpoint

If you want to learn how to play June’s Journey, you got to immerse yourself in the game’s storytelling because following the storyline will be the key to solving the mystery in this game. The game is telling the story of June Parker, a New-Yorker who lives in London and, in 1927, has to come back to Orchid Island because of the murder of her sister Claire and her husband. There, she will have to help solve the murder, among other mysteries and paths. We really love to play hidden object games. They relax us and engage our senses into looking for clues in the piece of artwork such as wonderfully painted tiles of this game. In June’s Journey you will start with relatively easy and obvious objects to spot. Don’t let that fool you, difficulty will ramp up quickly and you will be so busy looking for details that you will spend hours in this game. Objects will often appear in places that are seemingly obvious, but that you easily overlook. An early game example of this is the way objects will appear around the corner of a photo as a border, or even on the surface of the photo. June’s Journey is masterful at playing visual tricks like this, so if you’re having difficulty finding something, try to reset your focus and look at the bigger picture instead of digging into corners.

June's Journey - Game Features

In June's Journey there are two main types of gameplay features. The Hidden Object Scenes where you search for items in a picture, and June's Estate on Orchid Island where you can build, decorate, and expand as you progress through the story. Playing the Hidden Object Scenes is central for advancing in the game. Every scene is a picture, and in that picture are lots of things to find. At the bottom of the screen is a list of items you must find to complete the scene. When you spot a searched item from the list, simply tap or click on it to discover it and cross it from the list. When there are no more items on the list to find, you win the scene! The faster you find the objects, the higher your score will be. At the end of each scene, you are awarded some points. Each time you play the scene, those points add up to advance your Mastery Stars, shown at the top of each scene in the Scene Browser. You can earn five Stars in each scene. Each Star is more difficult to earn than the last. Earning Stars allows you to progress in the game, claim extra special rewards called Star Boxes, and uncover more of the story. Orchid Island is June's family's home. You must upgrade, expand, restore, and decorate it with decorations and buildings. By doing so, you earn Flowers to unlock new chapters in the game. You can also customize the island to your own taste! Some buildings that you add to your Orchid Island will generate Coins over time. These Coins can then be used to buy more decorations and buildings for your Island. Each building you construct will require of you certain amount of materials and some time to complete. Most of the buildings can be upgraded to give you even more Flowers. Buildings that can be upgraded have a special icon above them when they are ready for an upgrade. Of course, you can always use our hack to advance faster in this game.